HCG Complex – Reviews and Diet Results from Customers

The HCG Complex diet has certainly proved itself to be a fast, effective way to lose weight, going by the thousands of rave reviews by people who have used it in the past and have experienced unbelievable results.

So if you have tried program after program unsuccessfully then this is a ‘must try’ weight loss solution for you.

If you’re still unsure, then read our unbiased review on the HCG Complex, which should help you decide whether to go for it or not. Because like most other weight loss plans, the HCG Complex is not 100% free of issues so we will talk about both the good and the bad points.

So here goes!

HCG-Complex ProductAlthough the hCG Complex has been the best hCG and has taken the weight loss world by storm, with literally thousands of positive testimonials from users having great success with it, there are still many people asking if, how and why it works.

We could write pages and pages of all the technical and scientific stuff that could answer these questions, but it will probably bore you to tears as all you really want to know is – Does the HCG Complex work – Right?

But if you do want to know more about this stuff then Click here for detailed explanation about HCG Drops.

So, instead what we will do is give you a really quick rundown on the basics of this program and why it is seemingly working for a whole bunch of people and how it could possibly work for you as well.

Then if you decide to go ahead and buy HCG Complex, we will provide you with a special promotion of this product, since we have experienced and researched many suppliers to come up with one that has everything in place so you can get started right away.



HCG Complex and What Results Can You Expect?

HCG Complex drops is owned by Biosource Labs, a US-based, well-known company in the market of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and nutrient products.

Every time, their product is delivered to customers not without close quality control because the product is manufactured under strict FDA approved conditions.

Although we don’t usually recommend fast weight loss programs, as we firmly believe that eating well and getting enough exercise is the only way to maintain a good healthy weight, this is one diet plan that gets our stamp of approval for a few reasons:

  • The HCG Complex drops are a homeopathic formula which usually means they are safe to use with no or minimal side effects
  • Most importantly, the duration of the low calorie diet itself is relatively short and if followed strictly should have you at your ideal weight quickly. For many people, getting a kickstart like this is the only way they will be motivated enough to start living a healthier lifestyle and apparently after a course on the HCG drops, you do find yourself making better food choices.
  • Here’s something that will make you smile. There is no need to bust your gut at the gym. In fact, exercise is NOT recommended while on this diet.
  • Something else that should make most dieters smile is that the first 2 days of the plan, you are required, and you MUST eat as much as you can, even your favorite fatty and sweet foods. You then go on to the fat burning phase which a good company will provide everything you need to know from here on out.

Reviews and Experiences from the Real Customers 

Now here is what really sealed the deal for us. While thoroughly researching and following this HCG drops diet, we found an unbelievable amount of testimonials and positive experiences from our group and other people claiming crazy amounts of weight loss in a very short time.

Customer Reviews - 1Results from Customer

Testimonial - 2

Below are a few more examples from our private group:

Casey J.
Verified – foodfight.org

I have tried diets before involving counting calories, and have lost weight, but at a prolonged rate and while suffering through it with a major lack of energy. It would take me 4+ months of this just to lose 10-15 lbs. I love that while using HCG Complex, I have had MORE energy than usual, and have never been hungry. Recently I wanted to lose weight but said that if it interfered with my ability to take care of my 3 small kids that I wouldn’t stick to it. While taking HCG, I have had no problem with this, and have lost weight at a very encouraging rate.

Testomonial from PamPam Gr.
Verified – foodfight.org

HCG Complex does show up as negative being homeopathic but it still works. I have done it several times in the last year and it works every time. I am 66 and only had 10-15 # to lose in the beginning but doing the 500 cals worked amazingly well. I lost about 2 # per day the first time for a total of about 15. Problem is, I gain some back and then do it again, which I know is bad for you going up and down. The last two times i did the diet, (I ordered the 4 bottles initially) I didn't even do the 500 cal was more like 800-1200 and still lost 1 or 2 # per day.

Right, now we know the HCG Complex Diet does work if you follow it through to the end.


If All the Above is True, then Why All the Controversy?

Again, through our research, we have found medical professionals are saying, there is no scientific proof stating the human chorionic gonadotropin or homeopathic HCG hormone (or diluted hormone) used in the weight loss drops is an effective and safe form of losing weight.

While on the other hand, some Doctors are stating that there is also no scientific evidence to prove that is doesn't work or that it can be detrimental to health.

In fact, these same Doctors are even recommending it to their patients that are struggling to lose weight and seeing great results.

So Who Do We Believe?

We don’t know about you, but for us, we tend to go along with what real people are saying, as although there may not be scientific proof, there is tangible proof that this diet does work for most people.

And if it doesn’t, we can almost guarantee there is a good reason why. This is usually because they simply did not stick to the plan.


Is HCG Complex Safe?

As for being unsafe, what do you think is more detrimental to health?

Following the Low Calorie Diet from the HCG Complex for a month or so and becoming happier and healthier, or living with obesity and all the health problems it creates.

We know what risk we’d take!


In Conclusion

Even with all the controversy we strongly recommend the HCG Complex as a way to quickly get rid of excess weight, which in turn will boost your confidence and give you the want and the motivation to maintain that much healthier body weight.

With this plan, you will not only get quality drops but also clear instructions on how to quickly start by beginning with the HCG Diet Plan Phase 1, then on to HCG Plan Phase 2, and so on until you reach your desired weight.

You will also receive a diet plan menu, an access to the online weight loss support, and a whole bunch of HCG diet plan recipes to make losing weight more exciting and enjoyable.

So whether you buy HCG diet drops from the Biosource Labs HCG Complex Diet drops that we have recommended here, or some other place – you will be glad you did!

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