About Us

FoodFight’s mission is to revolutionize the way we eat and think about food and nutrition.


As long time health educators we watched the society everyday with their bags of chips and cans of soda. We experienced first hand the terrible impact that this nutritionally bankrupt diet had not only on their health, but also on their ability to focus and succeed in their activites. Almost all of our societies spoke of serious cases of obesity, diabetes and other diet related diseases in their families. Through our client’ experiences, a story emerged of a society that is overfed yet undernourished, one in which individuals struggle with a food and health crisis but lack the awareness and knowledge necessary to make healthier choices.


We believe that awareness, education, and action are three critical elements in combating America’s health crisis. We also believe that schools should be at the forefront of this campaign to transform our nation’s eating habits and lead us towards a more healthful and sustainable future. As part of this mission, we have designed a food literacy toolkit that provides Wellness Champions with all the resources they need, including a unique food literacy curriculum for the people that moves beyond traditional Nutrition 101 to address questions of food politics, critical consumership, and media literacy.


Knowledge = Power

Traditional nutrition education has proven that waving broccoli in someone’s face and saying “You must eat this!” does not result in successful or sustainable behavior or attitude changes. That’s why we take a 3-step approach to give people information, tools, ownership and agency. This empowers them to act, and inspires them to adopt healthier habits for themselves and their families.