This website has changed my life. Thank you!

~ Edward R. Murrow, Brooklyn

I feel so informed- and in turn so empowered now that I have all of that knowledge. There were so many things I was unaware of. It was an amazing workshop.

~ Laura Marsha, NJ

Food Fight is a great leader for this cause and so inspiring. They bring innovative ideas and a motivating workshop that incorporates lecture, hands on and an interactive approach to the obesity crisis in this country.

~ Mack Stjohn, Texas

I love this blog! Eating healthy food was never important to me. Now I want to make different choices… and my family is learning from me.

~ Carol Harris, Manhattan

Excellent speakers – not preachy – just well informed and motivating.

~ Michael Ott, Ohio

After the FoodFight workshop, I was inspired to incorporate lessons of healthy eating into my teaching. The theme for the summer reading has been “Baseball”. So, I created a bulletin board with several baseball teams from around the country and asked students to research a food that was healthy and local to that team. (See picture above)

~ Juliana Arreola, Florida

[Since the workshop] I have already talked to my students about the high amounts of sugar in the beverages they consume and also not to be tricked by false claims on food products.

~ Rose Pitts, California