Foods That Fight Fat and Improve Health

Foods that Fight Fat

I've learned that certain foods fight fat and help improve health. I've been researching fat fighting foods and found numerous studies that prove certain foods fight fat.

When I started my research, it was part of my heart health research. I learned that foods that fight fat also aid a healthier heart. Needless to say, I decided to try the foods and see if my abdominal fat would lessen and my heart health improve. Happy to report, both have been successful.

Fight fighting foods curb your appetite, rev up your metabolism and believe it or not, zap fat cells.

This post will give you some of the best foods that fight fat.

Eggs Rev Up Metabolism

One of the best foods that fight fat is Eggs. Believe it or not, a study at the University of Idaho found the amino acid, leucine, directs your body to burn fat rather than muscle.

The American Heart Association reported that an egg contains only 213 ml of cholesterol. I eat an egg a day and limit the amount of cholesterol-raising food like meat and dairy.

I like my egg over easy but now and then I do a two egg Greek Omelet with spinach, scallions, Feta cheese, just a little bit, and add a sprinkle of parsley for color.

Take two eggs, mix in a small bowl. Add spinach that has been squeezed to drain, cheese, two chopped scallions, and salt and pepper to taste. I sometimes add a splash or two of hot sauce for the healing power of capisium. I've learned it can ease joint pain.

Pour it into a hot skillet that has two tbs of EVOO, that has been swirled. Tilt the pan to be sure the egg mixture is evenly distributed. Take a spatula and lift some of the sides that are cooked, again tilting the pan until all uncooked egg mixture is gone from the top.

Take the spatula, lift the omelet and carefully flip to quickly finish cooking and lightly brown. Slide onto a warmed plate and garnish with Basil or Parsley.

The Good Egg

This is a book for the egg lover or someone who would like to learn how to cook eggs. Two hundred recipes in this book will boggle your mind. Who knew there are so many ways to cook eggs. Obviously, eggs aren't just for breakfast anymore.

How to Make a French Omelet

Enjoy learning how to cook a French Omelet via this video. I learned a few new things watching it.

How Does Grapefruit Fight Fat?

Grapefruit shed more weight, according to the Journal of Medicinal Food, because it is loaded with phytochemicals that power your body's after meal level of insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar and metabolism. This increases your body's ability to convert calories into energy.

It's is an excellent source of Vitamin C which helps to strengthen the immune system. A healthy immune system can keep colds away. It also prevents free radical damages.

One warning. Grapefruit can interfere with Blood Pressure medicine so be sure to check with your medical adviser before eating grapefruit.

Did You Know Marmalade Can Control Hunger?

Orange marmalade contains a flavonoid that can keep blood sugar levels in check and stop spikes that trigger cravings.

Curb Your Appetite by Eating Nuts

Eat nuts to decrease hunger hormones. A small handful once a day can curb your appetite by 38% according to a report in Lipids in Health and Disease journal.

Almonds, Walnuts, Pine nuts, pecans are healthy nuts but eat in small amounts since they are high caloric.

I use a coffee grinder for nuts and sprinkle them on salads and yogurt.

Shrink Inches with Blueberries

Blueberries are rich in polyphenols which are an antioxidant that affects genes controlling fat formation.

Considered the world's healthiest food, Blueberries are considered a super fruit. Only 80 calories and almost no fat, and a handful can help you meet your daily fiber recommendation.

Also, blueberries are a source of manganese, helping to convert proteins, fat and carbohydrates into energy.

Make a quick and easy Blueberry/Cranberry Relish. Combine a can of whole-berry cranberry sauce with a cup of blueberries and a half a cup of chopped or ground walnuts. Oh so good.

I like to toss a handful in a fruit smoothie.

Suppress Your Appetite with Spicy Foods!

Last but not least, this tip would be your best weapon. Add heat to your meals with chili peppers, and you will eat less. Capsaicin, the compound that gives spicy foods their heat has been proven to lower the hunger hormone.

Jerry Connel is a fully qualified nutritionist and personal trainer. He is also currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Food Science at Oregon State University in the US. He has been a keen bodybuilder throughout his adulthood and is well-versed with health supplements.