Nutrisystem Reviews – How Does This Diet Plan Work?

Reviews of Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is among the most popular diet meal plan options available today, and the great news is that they're one of the least expensive. Nutrisystem is designed to help participants lose weight without feeling hungry or unable to enjoy the foods they love.

The fun part is that this diet eliminates hunger by structuring six meals per day.

Unlike other diets, NutriSystem gives users the option to choose from several unique plans, and each comes with its own daily subscription price.

It's a meal delivery system, which means users won't need to spend hours counting calories – all the hard work has already been done for them.

Harold Katz is the founder of NutriSystem, which got its start back in 1972 as a counseling service for those who wanted to lose weight.

Since then, the company has grown substantially, and it's now arguably the best and most popular meal planning and delivery weight loss system in the world.

Unlike other diet plans, which are challenging for users because they require careful meal planning, calorie counting, and cooking, NutriSystem sends food directly to its participants.

Most of the meals are heat-and-eat, which means there is no heavy cooking.

Expert nutritionists count the calories on participants' behalf, which means the user only needs to open and enjoy their healthy meals.

How Nutrisystem Works

NutriSystem bases its meals and meal delivery program on three simple ideas.

The company believes that eating the right foods in the right amounts and at the right times can help its users lose weight and keep it off.

One huge advantage for dieters is that multiple smaller meals will shrink your stomach – and create less hunger with each meal as you move forward.

  • Portion Control – Overeating is a common cause of weight gain, and it can also cause people to regain the weight they've worked hard to lose.
  • NutriSystem helps its participants conquer overeating by sending them healthy, delicious, pre-portioned meals and snacks.
  • Excellent Balanced Nutrition – Without the help of experts, it might seem like it's difficult to get all the nutrition you need when you're watching the number of calories you eat.
  • The experts at NutriSystem take the guesswork out of nutrition by combining foods with different nutrients in each shipment.
  • Frequent Eating – Instead of simply eating a meal three times per day, the researchers at NutriSystem found that eating six smaller meals per day will help keep participants energized while maintaining a higher metabolism.
  • This powerful combination facilitates very rapid weight loss.

Nutrisystem Meals

Nutrisystem has many meals rated as outstanding by its dieters. In fact, every meal Nutrisystem offers has been rated by hundreds or thousands of dieters. Why is this important?

Nutrisystem has gotten a very unfair rap for having bland meals. Sure, some meals are not highly rated, but most of their meals are very highly rated by their dieters.

In fact, the majority of the meals have received 4 out of 5 stars, and there are a number of meals that are almost at five stars.

The great part is that you can see the ratings for yourself on their website before joining.

Here is a sample of the many meals provided by Nutrisystem:

There are over 120 meals to choose from, and you will be covered from breakfast, lunch and dinner to your snacks.

Nutrisystem does require that you buy greens, salads, fruits, vegetables and dairy items to complement your meals.

Nutrisystem Diet Tools

Each Nutrisystem meal plan comes with a daily tracker, quick start guide and eating out guide.

You also receive the Nutrisystem food database, 1000's recipes, fitness recommendations and exercises for your age – and everything can sync with Apple, FitBit and more.

Your plan includes complete online access and the community guide.

You also have unlimited personal counseling, online newsletters, motivational reminders, bulletin boards, chat rooms and fitness diaries.

Nutrisystem Reviews


NutriSystem sends pre-packaged meals and snacks directly to your home, which means you don't have to count calories, plan for your nutrition, or worry about overeating.

The company offers alternative meal plans for individuals who have diabetes or who are vegetarian.

The system is designed around frequent eating, which means you're less likely to feel hungry between meals.

In short, you have a rock-solid diet plan which has great features for dieters:

  • Designed to help dieters lose 10 pounds and 5 inches first month
  • There is no calorie counting
  • You have flexibility in what you eat
  • Meals/preparation is convenient
  • Most dieters note that they never feel hungry


NutriSystem is a meal delivery plan which includes only pre-selected foods, meaning you don't have the meal variety that you would if you made your own meals.

Bottom Line

For those who live busy lifestyles or who don't have the patience to count calories and nutrition, NutriSystem is the best alternative.

This is considered a very healthy diet for those who have diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or heart disease – which means Nutrisystem is very healthy for all dieters.

Multiple small meals really work to shrink the stomach and cause less eating and hunger as you move forward with the plan.

This plan is approximately half the cost of Jenny Craig, so it is designed to fit the budget for just about anybody.

This diet plan is very convenient, and the FedEx shipping charges are free. Dieters are raving that the six small meals really works for cutting weight and eliminating hunger.

You can start this diet right away at the Nutrisystem Website.

Michelle became a Registered Dietitian in June 2008 and currently work with a team of physicians, fitness coaches, and psychologists to develop a multi-faceted obesity treatment program in Florida. Michelle regularly contributes to many publications, among them, Newsday, Self, Fitness, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Women’s Day.