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Best HCG Drops

There are many forms of the HCG diet that have spurred up as physicians take their own stance on what the patient should do. The main diet that is used as the prototype that all physicians refer to is the Dr. Simeon’s popular diet that utilizes the hCG injections and 500 calories a day intake.

However, not everyone feels comfy with using needles. Therefore, within the last few years a homeopathic formula of oral HCG drops, also known as sublingual weight loss drops, has been introduced.

Although this method uses a diluted formula of HCG, it has proven to be just as effective as the HCG injections with people losing weight anywhere from a half-pound up to three pounds a day.

The way this diet works with one's energy in the body is to basically make your body believe it is taking more of the hormone than you actually are. You are usually directed to take the drops under your tongue 3 times a day in which you cannot eat or drink anything before or after taking your drops for approx. 15 minutes.

The good thing with homeopathic HCG drops for weight loss is that they come with a full eating plan explaining every aspect of the diet protocol. Most over-the-counter hCG drops online companies also offer excellent support through email, online chats, and through the phone. So any question that does come up can be answered by an expert.

10 Best HCG Drops on the Market

With so many different products of HCG diet drops to choose from, it’s understandable why so many are confused and intimidated on which HCG drops company or brand is good to use.

There are ten best HCG drops that have built solid reputations in the market, but only the following top three on the list are able to deliver what most dieters expect and have been considered to be the most effective ones.

UPDATE (2022): There are no such real hCG drops right now because all of them don't use human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG) inside their formulas. But if you still want to use real hCG hormone in your diet, we recommend checking out this one instead.



1. Official HCG Diet Plan

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2. HCG Warrior

HCG WarriorCompany is closed

3. Complex Diet Drops

HCG Complex

Currently Not Available



Here are the complete reviews of 10 best HCG drops on the market:

1. HCG Warrior

Buy HCG WarriorRating:
★★★ (3/5)

Our test group was full of many people who have been skeptical of the HCG drops.

Many had attempted something to slim down and HCG would be a last-ditch effort to offer the body they've always imagined of.

However, during the first trial, many are succeeded to lose 1 lb in average. The success rate is varying, of course, depends on the age factor, health condition, initial BMI, and metabolic rate.

HCG Warrior is in operation based out of their company in Canada. This allows their brand to serve their local market, especially US and Canada.

Upon closer inspection, we have discovered that the success rate they have for helping users lose weight between 1 and 2 lbs per day is pretty high and pretty consistent.

Their success is definitely supported by the fact that they only use 100% real HCG hormone and ALL of their products without diluting them with other compounds.

Best of all, HCG Warrior provides a number of different delivery mechanisms for medical HCG that individuals can pick and choose from. The choices include 27 Day Diet, 40 Day Diet, or Two 27 Day Diet.

Using the HCG Warrior drops, you really will most likely finish up saving cash. Since the HCG protocol mandates that you drop your calorie intake to around 500 calories a day, you finish up saving money you would have allocated to food.

Currently Not Available



2. Official HCG Diet Drops

The Dangerous of Using HCGRating:

The Official HCG Diet Drops takes a multi-prong approach to provide individuals with the HCG solutions they are looking for.

Their homeopathic drops use a proprietary combination of oral homeopathic solutions, HCG drops, as well as vitamin B12. Users are able to place just a couple of quick drops under their tongue and get fast-acting results.

Official HCG Diet Drops only provides homeopathic HCG drops that are hormone-free for those that have tested positive for allergic reactions when it comes to the underlying hormone that makes this type of HCG so effective.

So, if you are looking for HCG drops that include real hCG hormone, you might want to consider choosing HCG Warrior for the best weight loss results. However, if you are allergic to this hCG hormone, the Official HCG Diet Drops might be the right option as you won't find actual hCG hormone inside this product.

If you're looking to the Official HCG Diet Drops' website, you'll find two different weight loss hCG formulas are available to pick and choose from, both the 45 Day and 90 Day formulas.

Those looking to lose weight between 15 and 30 pounds will want to choose the 45 Day formula, whereas 90 Day Formula is best for those that seek to lose weight between 30 pounds and 45 pounds.

This HCG drops for weight loss program takes advantage of a proprietary combination of proven natural weight loss and fat burning ingredients.

The Official HCG diet drops formula includes essential amino acids, core vitamins, and other homeopathic ingredients. Amalgamated with low intake of calories per day, these safe combinations help individuals to lose fat faster than they’d have been able to otherwise.

Get Official HCG Here



3. Complex Diet Drops

HCG Complex ProductRating:
★★★ (3/5)

Biosource Labs Complex Diet Drops product has been available since 2012, which continues to be among the best HCG drops diet and top-selling items broadly offered for effective weight management.

The Biosource Labs Complex Diet Drops diet packs inside a couple of more features which propel it to the peak in our list. They're saying the outcomes are lengthy-term, meaning the load will remain off.

It contains 100% natural ingredients and amino acids with no fillers or artificial ingredients. The Complex Diet Drops product is clinically formulated based on Dr Simeons’ HCG protocol to deliver rapid and safe weight loss results. Their product is made in the United States under FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered and GMP certified manufacturing facilities to ensure they are giving a high quality, effective, and safe product for weight loss.


4. Easy HCG

Easy HCGRating:
★★★ (3/5)

Easy HCG is pretty much a doppelgänger of the Complex Drops diet, as each of these operations offers safe homeopathic HCG supplements that work almost identically to one another.

Interestingly enough, however, for all of their similarities, the overwhelming majority of people, when asked, prefer to leverage the HCG Warrior brand for one reason or another. This is mainly because there are not so much evidence of success in weight loss for using this Easy HCG drops.


5. HCG EZ-Drops

EZ dropsRating:
★★★ (3/5)

The EZ Drops company has been on the scene for a little bit more than 4 years but has already become one of the top players of orally available HCG diet solutions.

Their natural extracts has been designed to go toe to toe with everything HCG Complex brings to the table. However, EZ-brand isn't using quite as many of the proprietary or premier ingredients that product chooses to use.

As of right now, because they are not as transparent as the Complex diet brand, we haven’t been able to thoroughly test their success rates or the efficacy of these homeopathic drops. Especially when stacked up against the rest of the competition.


6. Rejuvi Medical

rejuvi medicalRating:
★★★ (3/5)

Rejuvi Medical is another company offering prescription HCG drops products while at the same time conducting business under their own medical clinic. It is similar to the way that the Nu Image Medical operation works in the United States.

This isn’t the first time around the block for this organization, however. In past life, this brand name operated under the New Edge moniker.

But after being purchased by another entity, its name was changed. Its branding was altered, and its mission was reconfigured.

Today Rejuvi Medical remains one of the choices for those looking for HCG supplement, but it isn’t quite as well known or as well regarded in the industry as Nu Image Medical.


7. Better Than HCG

Better Than HCGRating:
★★ (2/5)

Talk about a shooting star of an HCG diet product.

Only a handful of years ago, this was the homeopathic HCG solution for those looking to lose fat and transform their lives with this kind of approach, triggering effortless body fat loss and enjoying all kinds of almost overnight benefits.

However, for one reason or another, the popularity of this weight loss supplement has dropped off – and dropped off significantly – and now it’s nowhere near the industry leader that it used to be described as.


8. Amino Plus Drop

amino plusRating:
★★ (2/5)

The Amino Plus brand name is owned completely by the Liquid Amino Diet company.

They haven’t been able to garner the kind of market share that they expected or anticipated.

But a lot of that has to do with the gimmicky marketing and almost unbelievable testimonials that they have put forward to sell their products.

We dug a little bit deeper into everything that this brand had to offer and discovered pretty quickly that they are really nothing more than resellers of products from other organizations.

Upon further inspection, we uncovered the fact that many of these third-party organizations are usually less than legitimate with dubious credibility, and they do not have our recommendation.


9. Anumed

★★ (2/5)

Considered by many to be an up and comer in the world of dietary supplements, Anumed International produces this HCG Drops for weight loss solution and has started to make quite a few waves throughout the industry as people learn exactly what it is capable of.

Comprised of only a handful of core weight loss ingredients and amino acids (including L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Carnitine, and L-Leucine), the underlying formula of this HCG drop diet supplement isn’t all that far apart from traditional over the counter weight loss supplements you can find that local department stores and the like.


10. HCG 1234

★★ (2/5)

We include this homeopathic HCG drops product from the 1234 brand into the list because it used to be incredibly popular a handful of years ago and there are still a lot of fans out there.

However, after doing a little more research and due diligence, we’ve discovered that the general consensus for this HCG drop diet supplement and its efficacy has really trended big downwards recently.

Moreover, there are many negative reviews for this product that aren’t hard to find.

This isn’t our first choice when it comes to HCG supplements, but it does deserve some attention for paving the way for a lot of our other more highly recommended options above.


What Are HCG Drops?

Dr Albert Simeons

HCG diet drops are one form of the HCG weight loss diets that are consumed by dripping the liquid containing human chorionic gonadotropin hormone under the tongue.

The hormone itself is produced in the placenta during pregnancy.

The HCG diet program was invented by Dr Albert Simeons (1900-1970), an endocrinologist who believed that the tendency for weight gain and obesity was a clinical disorder that could and should be treated.

During his studies, he noted that because of the presence of naturally occurring human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in pregnant women, healthy babies were continually born despite many of the mothers' low intake of calories during pregnancy. This phenomenon is then utilized as a treatment for fertility issues.

He reasoned that the hCG hormone was somehow able to trigger the burning of deep stored fat within the body in order to increase energy levels and sustenance and was excited to utilize this knowledge with obese patients he had encountered in the rest of the world.

In the 1950s in Rome Italy, Dr Simeons developed the details and final version of the original HCG diet plan in his book “Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity.” Patients received the hormones through the hCG injections, and followed a low-calorie diet (500 calories per day) in order to burn fat and lose some weight.

The results were outstanding, and soon after, people flocked to his doors for the miraculous obesity cure.  A resurgence of the HCG weight loss has occurred, and people from all walks of life and ages (men included!) have embraced the eating plan, also called the HCG Protocol.

How Does It Work?

The most important things to keep in mind while doing the HCG protocol is that you are doing a 500 calorie restriction diet and with that, you need the support of the actual pure HCG products to ensure your weight loss and diet is healthy.

Anyone who can do a 500 calories a day diet will lose weight fast but your body will go into starvation mode. And it will pull whatever it can from your body including healthy fat and muscle. This is where HCG hormone is so important.

The drops work to protect your body. Dr Simeon’s proved it only pulls from a person’s abnormal fat, not the healthy fats and not muscle mass.

This energy release process will provide you with 1500-4000 calories per day apart from the 500 calorie intakes during the diet.

Pituitary and Hypothalamus

The hCG also helps reset or balance your hypothalamus.

This gland is responsible for specific metabolic processes (metabolic rate or metabolism) and secretes certain neurohormones.

The hypothalamus controls hunger pangs, thirst, body temperature, fatigue and sleep.


HCG Diet Phases

There are three phases to follow in the HCG diet plan. A round of the protocol means completing the three distinct stages of the HCG diet plans. The protocol consists of loading, maintenance, and stabilization phase.

If you are following Kevin Trudeau’s protocol, you will have four distinct phases of the eating plan. You can complete more than one round of protocol if you need to lose more weight, but it is generally advised that you wait at least three weeks before beginning the process again.

1. Loading Phase

Phase I “Reduction” – You begin phase 1 with two “load days,” during which you eat as many high fat foods as you need to feel full.

Emphasis is placed on plant-based fats, such as avocadoes, nut butter, olive oil, and the like.

These two days are crucial to preparing the body to release weight.

2. VLCD Phase

After the two days of Phase 1, you begin Phase 2, which is generally referred to as VLCD (very low calorie diet).

During the VLCD, you consume no more than 500 calories a day with a food emphasis on lean meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables. This low-calorie diet phase lasts a minimum of 15-23 days.

3. Intermittent Maintenance Phase

During this phase, you begin preparing your body to enter maintenance, but you still restrict your sugar and starch intake.

The object of this phase is to continue to avoid high glycemic index foods while enjoying more of the low glycemic index foods.

Many dieters confuse this phase with the Atkins plan, but you are not allowed unrestricted protein during this phase or any other. This phase lasts around 21 days.

4. Stabilization Phase

At this phase, you gradually augment foods that high on the glycemic index (GI) and increase your calorie intake to 1500 calories per day while controlling your weight.

When you experience weight gain instead of stability, you want to limit these sugary foods and eat foods low on the glycemic index instead.

The portion control, healthy living, and healthy eating habits you learned during the previous phases should help you maintain a healthy weight and consistent energy levels.

Possible Side Effects

All diets come with risks and dangers, and so does the use of these HCG Drops.

There are proofs minor adverse reactions are experienced when the HCG diet drops are used. Some reported reactions are:

  • Dry skin
  • Constipation
  • Upset stomach
  • Headache and lack of focus
  • Weakness and bone density problem
  • Dizziness
  • Hot flushes
  • Palpitations and speedy heart rate

Although everyone who uses this diet does not experience these side effects, it is important to know what to expect. Also, it is a good thing to know that said reported aftereffects are generally mild and are not life-threatening.

Because the main actives of Sublingual HCG Drops are Alcohol and Purified Water, how come there are side-effects?

  1. You are not following the meal plan. Every reliable provider usually has a meal plan that should be taken with the weight loss drug. If you are not receiving enough calories per day or are not following the meals on the meal plan, you may experience the tendency for the body to become weak and other adverse effects related to it.
  2. You are not taking enough water during the diet. It is always recommended in any diet plans that drinking plenty is vital to flush out toxins and to absorb the drug quickly.  Dryness of skin is usually related to dehydration because of lack of water in the body.
  3. Drinking beverages with caffeine may cause palpitations and fast heart rate. Thus, if you are on a diet or using the hCG weight loss drops, make sure that you avoid taking anything with caffeine.
  4. Do not starve yourself.  The weight loss HCG product that you are using is already sufficient. All you have to do is to follow the meal plan. Starving may result in taking more calories as the body will feel that you need to consume more to conserve more strength. The key to a successful diet is still self-discipline, and this does not mean starving yourself.
  5. Take multivitamins even if you are on a very low-calorie diet. This will still help your body stay healthy, and your mind focus and active despite you are getting a low calorie intake.
  6. Make sure that you buy hCG drops originally from the manufacturer or its official website, not from the marketplaces.  It is very dangerous to take drugs supplements that are bought from an unreliable source online.
  7. If you have a medical condition, especially a serious one, you should not use the dietary supplement as this may contradict your other medicines.  It is very dangerous if you already have severe medical issues but is taking drugs without your doctor knows about it. Therefore, it's good to find a doctor or a health provider and do a proper health check first.
  8. This weight loss supplement should be taken with a recommendation and proper consultation with the manufacturer. This is very important so you will gain a positive result from this diet.

Remember that using these HCG Drops are effective for many but is not a guarantee that it is also effective for you.

Effects usually vary from every individual. That is why it is always recommended to choose a diet that is recommended by a medical practitioner or a licensed doctor. This will ensure that you will gain maximum health and something positive with a little sacrifice on your diet.


HCG diet drops have become a worldwide health phenomenon. The hCG injection has been replaced by HCG drops in popularity, taken every day during the early phases of the program.

Simple to administer, the HCG diet drops prepare the body for ultimate profound fat burning and weight loss during the low-calorie diet phase of eating (30 to 40 days) which, according to most dieters, can be achieved in almost a miraculous and effortless fashion without hunger pangs.

Pounds melt off in stubborn places most people have struggled with for years (abdomen, thighs, and upper arms). Whether you have 9 or 100 pounds to lose, those best HCG drops will help you achieve your weight loss goals, health aims, and the body you deserve.

Michelle became a Registered Dietitian in June 2008 and currently work with a team of physicians, fitness coaches, and psychologists to develop a multi-faceted obesity treatment program in Florida. Michelle regularly contributes to many publications, among them, Newsday, Self, Fitness, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Women’s Day.