Forskolin 250 Review – How Does It Work, Side Effects, Where to Buy

Forskolin 250

Forskolin 250 is a diet pill that is made from a natural herb called Forskolin. The number 250 represents the quantity of Forskolin in the diet pill, which means, it contains 250mg of Forskolin. Having just one ingredient doesn’t make this product a weak one.

Forskolin helps your body lose weight by initiating many different mechanisms, just like a diet pill with many elements would.

How Does Forskolin 250 Work for Weight Loss?

Forskolin 250 works in different ways to ensure that your weight loss goals are achieved. First, Forskolin helps promote the breakdown of stored fat cells in the body.

How Does It Accomplish This?

It achieves this by enhancing the production of cAMP, which is a molecule that stimulates your cells to produce hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL).

HSL is responsible for breaking fat cells in your body. The more your body produces it, the more fat cells you will break down.

This means that Forskolin 250 can help you lose weight while you are not exercising much.
Next, Forskolin 250 raises your metabolism.

When your body is breaking down fat cells, there is energy expended. This increases the body temperature above normal in the process of thermogenesis.

To maintain average body temperatures than the basal metabolic rate rises. The rise in metabolism then means your body can burn more fat than it usually would.

Burning more fat means a slimmer and sexier you. The molecule cAMP is also known to stimulate the thyroid gland.

Stimulating the thyroid also leads to an increase in metabolism.

Benefits of Using Forskolin 250 Diet Pills

Forskolin 250 comes with some impressive promises that the formula intends to keep for Forskolin 250 users. Here are some of the top benefits you expect from using this diet pill:

  • You lose weight safely and naturally
  • Forskolin 250 increases metabolism for faster weight loss
  • You will burn more calories each day using Forskolin 250 than if you weren’t using it.
  • You burn fat but retain lean body muscles.
  • Increases energy
  • Stored body fat is broken down
  • You will see results in a few weeks

The Active Ingredients in Forskolin 250

There isn’t a long list of ingredients to list here just the one, Forskolin. Forskolin is found in the roots of the plant Coleus forskohili.

Forskolin is a 100% organic and natural ingredient used in the manufacture of this diet pill.

For ages, Forskolin has been used to treat many different conditions, but recently, when the weight loss benefits were discovered, the name Forskolin became a household name.

Forskolin has been seen to promote weight loss and also prevent weight gain so that you do not continue gaining weight during the period when you intend to lose weight.

This was established in different clinical studies performed either on human beings or rats.

For instance, in a study to show that Forskolin helps a person maintain weight, a group of 30 overweight men was given either 10 mg of Forskolin or a placebo.

The men who received Forskolin did not show weight gain, but those receiving the placebo did.

Where to Buy Forskolin 250

Forskolin 250 is available from the official manufacturer’s website. Currently, the price of one bottle containing 30 capsules goes for $44.99. You can also pay for two bottles at $89.99 and receive one bottle free of charge or go for the money saver where you purchase 3 bottles of Forskolin 250 at $134.99 and receive 3 other bottles absolutely free. With this last package, you get savings of $195.

You can also get a money-back guarantee when you purchase on the site of 60days, no questions asked. That is how much confidence the company has on their product. They are sure you will not need the money back after the 60 days because you will have experienced significant weight loss.

How to Use Forskolin 250 for Best Results

Forskolin 250 must be used with an exercise regime and a proper diet plan. If you feed poorly and fail to exercise, Forskolin 250 can only do so much for you.

For best results, it is recommended that you two capsules each day with food or a drink.

You are cautioned not to exceed that dosage for a day. Strictly just two tablets will suffice.

Side Effects of Using Forskolin 250

Forskolin 250 contains nothing but a pure Forskolin extract. It doesn’t contain stimulants that most other diet pills on the market provide. Stimulants can be addictive or have effects on your body.

Forskolin 250 is reported to be free of side effects.

It is organic and safe for most, if not all, adult dieters.

However, pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under the age of 18 and people with known medical conditions should consult a doctor before using Forskolin 250.


For those who do not want to try products with too many ingredients, Forskolin 250 supplement can be an option. This diet pill contains nothing but 250 mg of Forskolin.

You are assured that there aren’t any hidden ingredients that could cause you harm. You could be allergic or react to one of the elements making the entire diet pill a nuisance to you.

Michelle became a Registered Dietitian in June 2008 and currently work with a team of physicians, fitness coaches, and psychologists to develop a multi-faceted obesity treatment program in Florida. Michelle regularly contributes to many publications, among them, Newsday, Self, Fitness, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Women’s Day.