Sugar is lurking

Nutrition 101: Scary Places Sugar is Lurking

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means: kids clamoring for candy laden with scary amounts of sugar. Even scarier than the predictable flood of sugar this time of year, though, is the amount of sugar lurking in foods we may be eating every day. Here we round up some of the worst everyday

December challenge

Challenge of the Month: December

Making dietary changes isn’t easy, but here at FoodFight we believe healthier eating habits are within reach. That’s why we’re starting FoodFight’s Challenge of the Month. Every month we’ll introduce a new challenge to help make a healthier you. We’ll offer guidelines and tips; provide a lesson plan to engage your students in the challenge


Highlight from E.A.T BRONX

On Tuesday, July 2nd, FoodFight hosted our first ever conference “E.A.T.: Educating America’s Teachers to Lead the Fight Against Obesity” at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. It went beyond our wildest dreams. 150 teachers came from schools all across the tri-state area to get educated about food and its role in their lives. There were


McDonald’s Needs to Lead, Not Lead Us On

In 2014, McDonald’s plans to offer customers the option to substitute a side salad, fruit, or vegetable as a replacement for French fries in value meals. They have also pledged to promote only water, milk, or juice in its Happy Meal promotions, though soda will still be available for purchase. The chain hopes to fully