7 Best Testosterone Booster – Top Rated Test Supplements Reviews

Testosterone Boosting Supplement

Have you noticed the type of men women look at? They’re usually confident, strong, and young. They’re full of testosterone. Testosterone, after all, is the hormone that boosts the development of male sexual characteristics.

If you’re an older man, you’re fighting a losing battle. It has nothing to do with you; it has to do with your testosterone. And one powerful way to keep it on a healthy level is by taking the right testosterone boosters.

Every year after the age of 30, men lose about 2 to 4 percent of their testosterone every year. This leads to a decrease in muscle, and a decrease in your performance in the bedroom.

Don’t settle for subpar testosterone levels. You need a natural testosterone booster that’ll spur them back again.

Top 7 Testosterone Booster Reviewed

The ingredients in any health supplement determine how good it is. So naturally, the best testosterone boosters contain the best ingredients.

Some of these natural ingredients are incredibly costly to buy is they were to be purchased individually, and you would have to fly to some of the remotest parts of the world to find them!

Leading ingredients such as Fenugreek, Ginseng, and D Aspartic Acid are usually stock components in the best testosterone boosters.

1. Testogen

TestogenWe’ve chosen Testogen as the best testosterone booster because it contains the most comprehensive ingredient formula to boost your T-Levels.

Although this natural testosterone booster is relatively new to the market, it’s already making a name for itself with many delighted customers.

Again, Testogen contains the three most potent ingredients for boosting testosterone levels – D- Aspartic Acid (DAA), Vitamin D, and Zinc.

However, Testogen does not contain oyster extract, which the other T-boosting supplements highly promote as a rich source of Zinc.

In our honest opinion, the lack of oyster extract is not a deal breaker.

In fact, Testogen contains several times more Zinc than the other decent products, which more than makes up for the lack of oyster extract. We would also point out that the omission of oyster extract would make Testogen a preferred option for guys with a shellfish allergy.

What makes Testogen unique is that it contains Fenugreek and Nettle Leaf Extract – the most effective herbs that can increase your testosterone levels. They are actually plant extracts found in Asia.

Other element includes Asian Red Ginseng, which can elevate LH and ACTH hormone. It is a naturally occurring plant compound known to help the body create its own steroids to help stimulating muscle growth and increasing testosterone.

One drawback that we don’t like from Testogen is that, compared to Prime-Male, it has slightly lower levels across the critical testosterone boosting ingredients, apart from Zinc. It also has shorter money back guarantee, but still better than most supplements on the market.

However, when it comes to price, Testogen offers excellent value, especially if you’re on a budget. A month’s supply only costs $59.99, that’s $5 to $10 cheaper than Testo Fuel and Prime-Male. Even better is they provide Buy 3 and Get 2 Free offer. This works out at an incredible $36 per bottle!

Furthermore, free shipping is available on all orders, including the one month supply. With other supplements like Testo Fuel and PrimeMale, you have to buy at least two bottles to qualify for free shipping.


2. Testo Fuel

TestofuelTesto Fuel is a natural T boosting supplement that is designed for men who want to achieve maximum sexual capability and improved athletic performance.

This supplement has the highest dosage of Fenugreek Extract, making it the best testosterone supplement for improving libido.

Testo Fuel has a very similar ingredient formula to the first-ranked product, Testogen. The only difference is that Testo Fuel does not contain Nettle Root, Boron, or BioPerine.

Furthermore, Testo Fuel contains lower quantities in each of the matching ingredients, which makes Testogen a slightly more potent supplement.

However, it does have Oyster Extract, that most others don’t. Furthermore, it possesses much higher doses of Fenugreek and Red Ginseng Extract, which is why this supplement is a total solution for those who demand to increase sexual performance.

The Testo Fuel 3 month supply deal is actually $11 more expensive, although you do get a free t-shirt and nutritional/workout guides, which you don’t get with others.


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3. Testo Max

Testo-MaxTesto Max is created by the same guys (Crazy Bulk) that created the most potent legal steroids and bodybuilding supplements such as D-BAL, Trenorol, and Anadrole. TestoMax is the latest improved product from their range.

Testo Max claims to strengthen sexual performance, increase muscle mass, improve blood flow, and skyrocket the libido, as well as many other health benefits.

This is all achieved by their “unique” proprietary blend that contains vitamin B6, vitamin D3, Zinc, magnesium, and the popular D-Aspartic Acid amongst others.

Looking at the ingredients closely, it’s the Fenugreek extract that really stands out from the crowd. It comes in the form of testofen, that is basically standardized for 50% fenuside, which studies have shown for an increased libido quite significantly, compared to standard Fenugreek extract.

The same studies also noted remarkable increases in free testosterone levels, as well as a reduction in body fat and weight loss.

Stinging Nettle Extract, although it needs further study, has also shown to increase testosterone levels, although nowhere near as much as Fenugreek.


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4. Prime Male

PrimemalePrime Male contains 12 of the best ingredients scientifically proven to boost energy levels, stamina, and optimize testosterone release in your body.

This high-grade testosterone dietary supplement has gone under stringent testing to determine the optimum daily dosage levels.

In this way, you can expect faster results and the peace of mind that you’re not putting your health at risk.

Note that they may not include Fenugreek inside the formulation; however, their internal clinical testing has made them decided to replace it with Mucuna Pruriens, which has shown to have a more significant impact for your sexual health.

PrimeMale is specially formulated to address the 3 significant barriers to healthy testosterone production:

  • Luteinizing hormone (LH) – This testosterone pill contains D-AA which has shown to stimulate the release of LH that naturally boosts testosterone.
  • Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) – excess SHBG in the body de-activates the male sex hormone – It contains nettle root and magnesium which bind to SHBG freeing up more testosterone.
  • Female hormones estrogen and prolactin – high levels of these two female hormones lowers testosterone. It contains the scientifically proven estrogen inhibitor – Mucuna Pruriens extract to control your prolactin and estrogen balance.

What also impressed us about this brand is the money back guarantee. Unfortunately, most testosterone boosting supplements don’t offer any warranty, and the few that do, offer a paltry 30 days.

In our opinion, 30 days is not long enough to see if a supplement works or not. With Prime Male, you are eligible for the 90-day risk-free guarantee, which is unheard off for this type of product.

The length of the guarantee is also a good indicator that the manufacturer stands by the quality of their product.

Now, the reason we give it the number 4 spot is because this product does not come cheap. One month’s supply will cost you $69 (£39). However, if you order the 3 month supply, you get an extra bottle free and free delivery to the US or UK.



5. Hunter Test

Hunter Test ProductHunter Test is easily one of the most expensive testosterone boosters that we have seen on the market today. The cost is simply out of this world! Now, let’s put the price aside for a moment and look at the actual product.

If you are a guy looking to build robust, high energy boosts, we would recommend this product any day of the week. From the feedback that we have received from existing users, it certainly works, and the results can be seen pretty quickly.

Seeing from its ingredients, it contains the most massive dose of D-Aspartic Acid (1,700 mg larger than our top three brands) and on average, holds 200 mg larger dose of Red Ginseng Extract. Although, it lacks other important ingredients such as Fenugreek and Nettle Leaf element.

The ingredients composition, according to our in-house nutritionist, is pretty amazing, and can only be matched by a handful of other products.



6. TestRX

Test-RXTestRX is a well-rounded supplement that contains adequately dosed ingredients that you find in a standard ZMA, plus more. It includes all necessary ingredients to boost testosterone levels naturally.

Starting with vitamin B6, a naturally occurring vitamin and nutrition in certain foods is vital to the human body, and as noted, has shown to boost the growth hormone immediately after working out.

Magnesium is great for enhanced performance, Zinc is a powerful testosterone boosting mineral, and Fenugreek is a great aid in enhancing the libido, and in terms of D-Aspartic Acid, there are many studies confirming its effectiveness in this regard.

The downside of this supplement is that with the same price level they offer, it holds much smaller doses of ingredients compared to our top five lists.



7. AlphaViril

AlphavirilAlphaViril is a respectable formula, but we are concerned about the lack of concrete evidence regarding the key ingredients and their testosterone boosting effects.

While other quality testosterone supplements have eventually removed Tribulus Terrestris from their formulation, this product still includes the element into their formulation.

The reason why many largest brands eliminate Tribulus Terrestris from their makings is that when it comes to testosterone enhancement, this ingredient doesn’t really have a proven track record with valid clinical studies.

However, with the inclusion of ZMA, Tongkat Ali, and Stinging Nettle, these are clear signals that the creators of AlphaViril have conducted at least some research when putting this supplement together in the development phase.

Despite that, even though they include Fenugreek and Stinging Nettle into the pills, but they never state the proportions of these ingredients clearly. So we don’t know how much they really put these elements into the bottle.

On the flipside, some people have experienced a drop in libido, and this can probably be attributed to the Horny Goat Weed content.

Therefore, AlphaViril is a bit of a mixed bag because while it contains some high-quality ingredients, it also includes elements that may trigger some unwanted effects.



Why Do You Need A Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone is a male hormone produced by the testicles. It’s the same hormone that makes a teenager develop a deeper voice. It’s also the hormone responsible for stimulating sex drive.  In men, it’s the hormone that aids in increasing lean muscle mass, strength and stamina.

It not only plays a huge role in the reproductive and sexual function of men. It also promotes red blood cell production, increases muscle mass, support hair growth, and emotional health.  Unknown to many, women also have this hormone as it is produced in the ovaries, albeit in smaller amounts.

But you wonder — why do men need to use testosterone boosters that work?

It’s because the amount of testosterone in men decline as they age.  Some studies have indicated that the amount of testosterone slides by as much as 30 percent in healthy men aged 25 to 75 years old.

Aside from age, there are other causes of testosterone decline, such as stress, obesity, alcoholism, chronic illness, chronic kidney failure, and genetic abnormalities. Some medications, particularly those for treatment of prostate cancer, may also affect testosterone production.

So the natural course of action would be to use natural testosterone boosters or supplements. These supplements not only increase the levels of testosterone in a man’s body but also bring forth the many positive biological effects of this hormone.

The Benefits of Using Testosterone Boosters

There are many benefits of testosterone boosters.

1. Healthy Heart

One is that it promotes a healthy heart. When a heart is healthy, it can efficiently pump blood to the other parts of the body, and provide oxygen to the muscles and organs for peak performance.

Testosterone supplementation can aid in the widening of the coronary arteries, which is helpful for men who regularly complain of chest pains and angina.

2. Increase Muscle Mass and Strength

Another benefit of test booster is that it promotes an increase in muscle size and strength, especially if you regularly lift weights.

A lot of studies have been made that prove this effect of testosterone, like one study of more than 100 men aged 65 years and older.

In the study, the participants were administered with testosterone replacement therapy for three years.

At the end of the trial period, they increased their lean mass and improved body fat loss, most significantly in the legs and arms.

3. Enhance Libido

Testosterone boosters may also bring back the zing in your sex life and overcome erectile dysfunction.  The sex hormone is known to have a positive impact on a man’s sex drive and performance.

In fact, numerous studies suggest that testosterone declines after a lengthy period of celibacy, and increase with sexual stimulation.

4. Improve Mood

Aside from its effects on a man’s sexual performance, the hormone also affects a guy’s mood.

There is even a research that was published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior that showed that watching a pornographic flick can cause a spike of 35 percent in testosterone amounts.

Men who watch erotic videos, the study added, are more energetic and optimistic than those who don’t regularly watch these kinds of flicks.

With all these amazing biological effects of testosterone on men, are you still surprised that a lot of guys are lining up for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or buying testosterone boosters?

Side Effects

But there are also adverse effects of using testosterone boosters or undergoing TRT. In reality, there is no assurance that even the best testosterone booster on the market won’t cause any side effects to its users.

One of the many testosterone booster side effects is acne. The surplus of testosterone can lead to the skin being oily and making it prone to acne. Moreover, too much testosterone may result in the enlargement of breasts.

In some cases, the use of testosterone patches can negatively impact a guy’s sex drive. You may also be prone to headaches, hair loss, and fatigue if you take this patch.

Testosterone patch can also cause skin irritation, particularly at the area where the patch is applied.

The use of testosterone creams is known to have side effect as well, the most common of which is blood in the urine and difficulty in urinating.

As you can see, using testosterone boosters in a patch or cream forms has lots of potential side effects.


Instead of putting yourself at risks of these side effects, why don’t you opt for a safer alternative like we have mentioned, a testosterone boosting supplement that should pump up the testosterone levels in your body?

Aside from improving your performance in the gym, above natural testosterone boosters would enhance your sex drive and performance in the bedroom. You’ll be able to experience these amazing effects in less than two weeks.

Even better, you can get these safe supplements without any prescription, not like a medicine. And since they come in tablet form, you won’t have to subject yourself to painful injections.

As many testosterone booster reviews would tell you, increased testosterone levels in your body is beneficial to your overall health. You’ll be able to exercise longer; your muscles will grow bigger, and your sexual drive will surely improve. With all these benefits, shouldn’t you be trying a testosterone booster now?