HCG Triumph Reviews – Results, Effectiveness, and Diet Guidelines

Triumph productHCG Triumph is a top name when it comes to HCG drops. They are, in fact, one of the pioneers of HCG diet drops.

If you track back in time, you will find that HCG Triumph was the first to market HCG drops in the USA.

So let us take a review of them.

HCG Triumph and Its Quality

HCG Triumph has become one of the top-recommended products due to a recent survey which presents dramatic weight loss results users have experienced.

The Triumph brand is manufactured by Triu Naturals; a US-based company specializes in providing high quality, low cost, and effective diet solutions through the internet.

HCG Triumph is located in the US. Their address is as follows:

Triu Naturals

Triu Naturals

698 West 10000 South Suite 250
South Jordan, UT 84095

This information is to ensure that you are buying a product from a reliable company, not from new fake providers that have just shown up in the market and only sell through an aggressive marketing manner without even bolstering their product quality.

You must also know that unlike most other weight loss products, HCG Triumph is homeopathic.

While many retailers have switched to selling a “zero hormone” or “hormone free” version of their drops, HCG Triumph still sells the original highly effective formula they’ve become famous for.

It means, their formula still contains real hCG hormone and many essential vitamins, which will not only help you solve your weight problem, but also give you more power and energy for your day to day activities.

However, when someone experiences side effects such as dizziness, constipation, or leg cramps, they do provide hormone-free drops to evade these mild side effects. This version is used by people who find themselves allergic to HCG hormone. It is specially made by HCG triumph with their secret formula to mimic the effect created by real hCG hormone.

Therefore, you may want to consult with the company up front before buying to decide which option is best for you.

Full customer support is on hand for whenever you have problems and need answers. It is as simple as signing up with them, and you will be treated as well as any of their own customers.

Their 24-hour customer service from a certified diet support team and innovative proprietary formulations have made them one of premium hCG brands in the HCG weight loss industry.

Unfortunately, the company is currently redeveloping its products. Therefore, you cannot buy any of Triumph HCG products right now. However, you can find its best alternative on this page.

How Does It Work?

Taken daily orally, under the tongue, HCG Triumph triggers the hypothalamus to release the stored fat within the body, providing a constant and viable flow of nutrients without additional ingestion of foods.

With the ability to burn 3,500-4,000 calories per day, HCG Triumph uses stored fats providing lean protein and small carbs with no fatty acids.

With the same basic elements found in its rival, HCG Complex, the HCG Triumph advanced formula, reduces hunger pains and cravings with noticeable improvement is as little as one week.

Absorbed immediately into the bloodstream, Triumph formulation begins to work with many distinct advantages when compared to other similar, less-effective weight loss products.

Results You Can Expect

With our own experience, we have found that a single bottle of HCG Triumph, when used for 26 days, helps to shed approximately 10 pounds.

Although the website states that you will lose more than 15 pounds, we find that to be a little exaggerated.

However, with regular use, you might lose more than 10 pounds a month.

If you’re not too keen on the 500 calorie diet, you can choose the 800 or 1200 calorie diet which is still effective although you may find the speed at which you lose weight is not as fast as when you’re on the 500 calorie diet.

Some skeptics say that anyone will lose weight when only taking in 500 calories per day. What they don’t realize is that without the HCG drops, the body will automatically feed off important muscle tissue instead of using stored body fat as extra nutrients in times when nutrients through food intake are lacking.

Most HCG suppliers claim a 1 pound plus per day weight loss, which is a claim made by many real users as well, but the thing to remember is that people are all different and what works well for one may not necessarily work as well for someone else. Weight loss will vary from person to person.

We have personally known someone who lost up to 3 pounds per day and another who continually lost around 1/2 pound per day, which is still great and she managed to reach her goal weight in no time at all.

So if you find you don’t lose as much as is claimed by each company, don’t panic and remember you are different and it will happen if you see it through to the end.

HCG Triumph VS Other Weight Loss Supplements

Other than the ability to reduce present weight condition on a consistent and continual daily basis, the advantages of HCG triumph are compelling evidence to the overall superior weight loss potential offered.

Where other weight loss products merely imitate the potency of HCG Triumph with “false promises,” the advantages of Triumph products remain unparalleled offering:

  • Manufacturing in the USA under FDA guidelines
  • Non-pharmaceutical and does not contain dangerous chemicals
  • No injections, so no prescription is required
  • Less expensive than injection treatments
  • Non-habit forming
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • No hunger or food cravings
  • Easy self-administered doses
  • Clinically tested

When compared to all other stringent 500 calories weight loss products available throughout the internet or at local pharmacies, HCG Triumph is one of the first weight loss products introduced with a daily 1200 calorie intake with valid proof in drastic weight loss reduction from millions of present satisfied consumers.

In Conclusion

If you are indeed looking at the HCG diet to lose weight quickly, then HCG Triumph is well worth considering as it is quite inexpensive, made by a trustworthy company that has been established in the market since 2010.

Since they are redeveloping their products, you won't find any of their products on the market. The good news is, there is another reputable hCG company that you can try out. You can read more about their products here.

Michelle became a Registered Dietitian in June 2008 and currently work with a team of physicians, fitness coaches, and psychologists to develop a multi-faceted obesity treatment program in Florida. Michelle regularly contributes to many publications, among them, Newsday, Self, Fitness, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Women’s Day.